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TV Wall Mounting Company SurreyWith TVs for sale in the shops and online getting bigger and more valuable all the time, the task of safely and securely wall mounting them is becoming more and more demanding.

Good job, then, that the Guildford Aerial Solutions team of expert TV Wall Mounters are ready 6 days a week to hang TVs in homes, bars, clubs and workplaces across Surrey and Berkshire.

We know better than most what a challenge every TV wall mount is. But experience counts and we have plenty of it. That enables us to provide a swift and reliable TV wall mount service, which includes recommendations of the best location to hang your TV and the best of the choice of brackets that are available.

All the TV wall mounting work we do will be carried out to the highest professional standards. We’re so confident in the ability of our team that we guarantee the work they do and the parts they use for a year.

Don’t expect our technicians’ work to end once your TV is wall mounted. They will make sure the area where your TV is wall mounted is clean, tidy and wire-free. And if your TV set is a new one, they can even talk you through how to use it and connect it up with the other tech you have in your home or commercial premises.

Why trusting your TV Wall Mount to Guildford Aerial Solutions makes real sense.

Fast service– with so much experience of wall mounting TVs in Surrey and Berkshire, our team will get the job done quickly and professionally.

Labour and parts are guaranteed – you can only give that kind of offer if you really believe in your team and their ability to do a great TV wall mounting job. And that’s exactly what we do.

TV On Wall SurreyChoose your brackets – let us know how you want your TV wall mounted, and we’ll advise you on the best bracket for the job. Could be a Tilt, Swing, Remote Control or Flush To Wall Fit.

TV Wall Mounts And More – Guildford Aerial Solutions don’t just wall mount your TVs. We  can connect your set to the internet and games consoles and download anything else you need us to.

Commercial TV Wall Mounting Experts Too – Plenty of bars and pubs require multiple television sets wall mounting so that customers and members can get uninterrupted views of sport or other live events. And we’re the people to call if you want your sets shifting around, or if you’re opening a new commercial premises and planning on having multiple TV sets.

Experience how Guildford Aerial Solutions will take all the stress and hassle out of TV wall mounting in your home or business in Surrey or Berkshire. Call us now on 0800 206 2236. Our team is on call 7 days a week, so booking an appointment sooner rather than later is made easier.

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