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Satellite installation and repair services for Surrey and Berkshire

Here at Guildford Aerial Solutions, we’re experts at all things satellite dish and satellite TV related. And we’re ready 7 days a week to show residents and businesses in Berkshire and Surrey what we can do.

Independent Satellite Company In SurreyWe’re experts at all satellite platforms, especially the most popular ones listed below. So if you have any of these, and need satellite repairs, installation, upgrades or just advice, call us on 0800 206 2236

We supply and install satellite dishes that are compatible with your chosen platform, and will install the dish in a place that gets the best reception – from your service provider and your neighbours!

Moving indoors, we supply and install set-top boxes and multi-room services, so getting the satellite system you want up and running is really easy when you get us to do it all. We’re open 7 days a week, so wherever you are in Surrey or Berkshire, we’ll be able to arrange an appointment at a time that’s good for you. Call 0800 206 2236.

95% of satellite jobs sorted on the same day

An impressive stat that every Technician at Guildford Aerial Solutions is determined to live up to.

We’ll tackle satellite installations and repairs in all kinds of places

If another satellite service provider has let you down by refusing to tackle a job in a high location or somewhere that’s hard to reach, you’ll discover the Guildford Aerial Solutions team more readily prepared to take on tricky jobs than other companies. That’s because our technicians are qualified to work at heights and have the certificates to prove it.

Multi-room Satellite Surrey

Let more people at work or at home access satellite services in different places simultaneously with multi-room. The Guildford Aerial Solutions satellite team can sort it all out for you, supplying and installing the wires, sockets and set-top boxes required. And we can carry out repairs to multi-room services that aren’t working as they should in Surrey or Berkshire. 

Satellite Repairs in Berkshire and Surrey

They make satellite dishes sturdy, but even the strongest can’t always handle storm damage and high winds. When you notice a change for the worse in your satellite service (whether it’s weather related or not) call the Guildford Aerial Solutions team. We’re ready to fix faults of all descriptions, whether it’s your satellite dish, set-top box or something else that’s not playing ball. Many customers in Surrey and Berkshire depend on us for satellite repairs. Call us and see why they trust us.

Satellite Support & Maintenance Service

Get 4 inspections of your satellite set up every year when you pay a nominal fee for our Support & Maintenance service. Carried out by a satellite expert, during these inspections we’ll also recommend any upgrades or alterations that will improve your service.

Five Good Reasons to choose Guildford Aerial Solutions for satellite

Surrey's Sky Satellite Specialist1st: We’re Fast – we aim to get to you within 48 hours of receiving your call, and complete 95% of jobs on day one

2nd: We’re Flexible – We’re on call 7 days a week, making it easier for you to book satellite repairs or satellite installation appointments at times that suit you best.

3rd: We’re Knowledgeable – our Technicians know all about satellite, making them quick to spot faults and speedy at installations. 

4th: We’re great value – book us on a job and you’ll receive a quote that represents really good value for money.

5th: We’re Independent – and justifiably proud of that, because it gives us the freedom to give you unbiased opinions and advice concerning all the satellite platforms out there.

For comprehensive satellite dish and satellite TV services, call the Guildford Aerial Solutions team on 0800 206 2236.

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