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Freesat Specialist Installations

Satellite TV minus the monthly bills or long-term contract? Sounds good, right? That’s what Freesat gives you, and it’s a platform we know plenty about here at Guildford Aerial Solutions.

If you’re on this page to get us to carry out a Freesat installation or repair job, no problem. Call us on 0800 206 2236 and we’ll arrange for a Guildford Aerial Solutions engineer to pay you a visit at your home or workplace, wherever that may be in Surrey or Berkshire.

Freesat Digital TV Aerial Installer Guildford & Surrey

If you’re here to find out more about Freesat and Guildford Aerial Solutions, keep reading:

Freesat comes in two formats
You will need a satellite dish for both – something we can supply and install for you. There’s no monthly subscription to pay, just an upfront one-off payment.

Sky TV’s version of Freesat – gives you over 240 digital TV channels and 85 digi radio channels. 11 TV channels are in glorious HD, and you get the ability to record live TV shows.

The ITV &  BBC Freesat Service – Yes, these two rivals have teamed up to deliver satellite TV. Their Freesat lets you access over 200 TV and radio stations, several of which are HD. You can also pause, rewind and record live TV.

Freesat installations in Berkshire and Surrey

You will need a satellite dish to get Freesat. Call us and we’ll supply and install it in the location on your property that’ll ensure you get the best reception. We’ll also supply and install your Freesat set-top box. And our engineer will explain how everything works.

Freesat repairs for customers in Surrey and Berkshire

Call Guildford Aerial Solutions for a fast and responsive Freesat repairs service. Whether you’re a homeowner or run a business in Surrey and Berkshire, we will send an engineer to your place to fix your problem, usually within 24/48 hours. 95% of jobs we start we’ll finish on the same day. Small wonder so many customers in Surrey and Berkshire call Guildford Aerial Solutions for Freesat repairs. Our number is 0800 206 2236.

Freesat Multiroom Installations

Get Freesat in more than just your living room so multiple users can access the same service from different locations in your home or workplace. We will supply and install the extra set-top boxes you’ll need and carry out any rewiring or new socket installation work that’s required.

Freesat Maintenance & Support Service

Four inspections of your Freesat service is what we will provide for a modest annual fee. It’s a great way to ensure you enjoy the peace of mind of knowing that your Freesat service is being well looked after on a regular basis.

Three reasons to call Guildford Aerial Solutions for Freesat

Can I receive Freesat reception in Guildford1st: Our Freesat Same Day Service– We will aim to get to you on the same day you call us out, but at worst within 48 hours. 95% of jobs we do are finished on the same day we start them. 

2. Our Freesat expertise – We’ve been installing Freesat in Surrey and Berkshire for over a decade. So we’ve earned the right to call ourselves Freesat experts when it comes to fixing faults and installing Freesat.

3. Our Freesat guarantee – All Freesat labour is guaranteed for 12 months. So are the parts our Technicians use.

For everything Freesat in Berkshire and Surrey, call Guildford Aerial Solutions on 0800 206 2236.

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